Tower of Power campaign (Dawnreach, Jeremy) – March 18, 2017

As the Adventurers continue through the tower toward the “Great Archive” in the Seeker’s Tower…. Timber, Elderoc, and Blaze are separated from Mara and Xerxes as the tower shifts itself! Two separate adventurers, each with their own agenda, happened to drop in with Mara and Xerxes. Shortly after, the newcomers Finn and Zenobia join the adventurers on their quest, unsure of their goal and Mara’s sanity.
As they press forward, Mara begins to have visions–visions of desolation and visions of her dear friend Lucy. These visions even begin to alter her spells, sometimes unleashing pure arcane power, sometimes giving her complete arcane insight briefly.
The modrons of the tower prove to be little obstacle as the adventurers break the lock keeping them from climbing to the next level of the tower. It is on the next level, the party finds the bodies of recently slain throughout “penance chambers” and what seems to be the “residential” level of the tower.
After finding a secret area where the Seekers’ leaders could spy on their subordinates, they found various magical items including a special “archmage” robe and weapon-infusing gems. Xerxes found a confiscated journal detailing a Seeker’s practicing their signature cipher, as well as insight as to what the “Trials” could be.

Next time! Mara’s last stand! Will the adventurers reach the Great Archive? Will they meet back up with their party?? What will they find lurking in the tower???

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Dawnreach Campaign 5 (Joss): Talos’s Thunder Part 2

The voyage to the northern caverns continued.  Sorin, Marcus, and Lotharn discovered the halfling thief, Anderson Crude, and roughed him up in the cargo deck.  The minotaur second mate threw the roguish coward into the open ocean.  But the damage had been done.  Passengers on board already blamed Joveen (Talos’s Thunder’s captain) for letting the vagrant aboard.  Mutiny struck the ship, with Kylie Shroeder, Thornwhip, and the blackjack dealer on one side, and Joveen and her first mate on the other.  Our adventurers helped tip the favor and maintain Joveen’s control of the ship, but not before Joveen was injured.  Sorin, Marcus, and Lotharn are now in charge of navigating the waters.  The group battled a pair of Merrow as they continued north east to their destination.

Will the adventurer’s successfully navigate the waters?  Will weather threaten their voyage?  Will more dangers of the deep attack the ship?  Will they EVER FREAKING MAKE IT TO THE CAVERNS?  Find out next time – March 18th, 2017 at the library.

Dawnreach Campaign 4 (Joss): Talos’s Thunder Pt. 1

A paladin, cleric, sorcerer, and fighter journey to recover Aldatrude’s body.  The adventurers set out from Limaniport on the medium class ship Talos’s Thunder.  With Joveen the Half-Orc at the helm, the adventurer’s drank whiskey, ate lunch, and strolled around the main and cargo decks.  They met some travelers, including a half elf archaeologist named Finneas who warned them of the dangers in the nothern caverns.  Trouble threatened the ship – pirates abound in the open seas!  There were many pirates, but the adventurers defended the vessel with a slew of spells and thrown weapons.  After the battle, the seas grew choppier, and seasickness plagued our heroes.  Once the waters calmed, the adventurers encountered Thornwhip Crimshaw the dwarven fighter, Kylie Shroeder the human barbarian, a bartender named Bim who is constantly cleaning glasses, a noble couple, and the (Swiss?) family Robinson.  A thief is suspected to be on board – currently an Anderson Crude is the main suspect.  The adventurers – and a rather mighty minotaur 2nd mate – are looking to interrogate MISTER ANDERSON . . . if they can find him.

Loot so far:  an ugly purse, a scroll of identify

Next session . . . the journey at sea continues to the northern caverns in the hopes of finding Aldatrude’s body.

Dawnreach Campaign 3 (Joss): War in Rau’keel

While the other party went to investigate the seal at the keep, Timber, Raziel, Cluster, Sorin, and Mara returned to Rau’keel to journey back to the cultist compound and investigate the seal there.  However, when they arrived at Rau’keel, they found war.  After making their way to the front lines, they managed keeps, attacked ballistas and siege towers, and held the front line against orcs, goblins, elves, drow, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, and other various races pushing on Rau’keel’s once isolated city.  The group strategized, using the skills of Phil the Bronze Dragon and Charity the Blue Dragon to help eventually destroy the ballista that maintained a bank of fog on the central battlefield.  After uncovering the long dragonborn responsible for casting the anti-magic shield on the drawbridge, Mara used her serpentine staff against the dragonborn for an insta-kill . . . but the instakill, rather than defending a glorious bazaar city in the desert, revealed their true location to be in the keep with their fellow guildmates.  The battle at Rau’keel was all an illusion, set upon them by the powers of illusion that surrounded the keep, where they then found themselves in cages.

Dawnreach Campaign 2 (Joss): Cult

The adventurers were just about to view the resurrection of Aldatrude when an intruder stormed the guild and stole Aldatrude’s body.  The intruder teleported in to his spear, threw the spear out, teleported out, and sealed the temple entrance in what seemed like an instant.  As Milo and Lucyinil cried out helplessly for the return of their beloved sister and friend, Drayva Mountaingem, a grand master in the Order of the Dawn, teleported the lot of adventurers out to the caverns surrounding a far away town of Rau’keel.  There, Drayva explained that a similar intruder was seen there, where there next quest would take place, and that couldn’t be a coincidence.  The guild was to kill a cult that resided in a compound in the cavernside.  While wiping out the cult, the adventurers had to avoid killing a spy who was there on behalf of the Order of the Dawn.

The group of nine stormed the compound, leaving a bloody mess of guards, yuan-ti, cultists, and cult fanatics in their wake.  While annihilating the cult and cult leader, the party also saved a gnome illusionist named Ro and brought back a sacrificial elf on the verge of death (grumble grumble).  They pillaged a storage room, saved Otis Whitebeard (the Order of Dawn spy), found a chest of goodies, oh – and did I mention set fire to the whole damn place?  Had they not IMMEDIATELY KILLED the cultist leader, they may have noticed (as was mentioned in the diary) that something had enhanced the power of the cult leader, much like the necromancer in the crypt was far more powerful than he should be.  In the end, the group discovered that it was the cult’s patronus, Angeline the naga, who commisioned the mass murder of her own cult.  Why?  The cult leader, set on killing a black dragon, had gotten too big for his britches in breaking perhaps the only cult rule – don’t kill creatures – only humanoids.

Order of the Dawn (Guild) Policies

Guild Policies (Subject to Change and Adjustments)

Monthly Dues (game months):  This is membership. 3GP/mo at rank 1 (current), 9GP at rank 2, then 25 for 3, 70 for 4 etc. Higher ranks grant access to better facilities, quests, contacts, and items. “Modest”-level lifestyle is included (shared bunks at rank 1-3, single rooms after that). Can upgrade to a solo Comfortable room by paying an extra fee of 1GP each month.  Room quality improves at rank 4 and above.

Tithes: 10% of the price the Guild will normally buy the items for fair market value, more if an NPC guild member wants it ASAP. Tithe is due at the end of each month along with membership dues OR when you increase in rank (dues for the new rank are also due immediately in this case). To be tithed, items in question must be: a) Worth over 100GP, b) neither gems nor coins (unless that character’s share was worth over 500GP total), c) NOT sold to the guild within a week or so. Items sold to the guild are not tithed, and (of course) rewards provided by the guild or their clients are not tithed.

*Note that the guild WILL know if a character sells an item worth 1,000GP or more to an outside buyer such as a shop or fence. They just know! Tithe will be charged for those.

Ammenities and Benefits:  Adventurers will have access to level-appropriate magical and mundane libraries and a guild shop (limited hours), training grounds, basic healing, etc, at a steep discount — generally half of what the public would normally pay. It is assumed that guild members will defend the property in case of attack, though non-guild guards are nearby at all times.

Libraries/Spell Scribing: Small access fee, and it is assumed that the materials cost (5GP/spell lvl) is paid to the guild. Availability is in PHB (use same Scroll availability).

Magic Items: Available at market cost for level 1-3, and 5% off for each rank above that. Healing potions are available by the case, if desired, +3 weapons, not so much. Need to advance in rank to gain access to good items. Crafting services also available; character must supply all materials aside from things like needle, thread, embroidery, etc

Skill Training: At DM’s discretion. Not cheap. Only one new skill or weapon proficiency can be learned at each character level. (Tentative: 1000GP per skill).  Minimum level of 6 to learn a new skill. Takes an in-game 2 weeks-1month to learn a skill. Exp cost of 200 per skill for the first; 400 for the second; then 600; then 800, etc.