D&D Character Creation Workshop

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THIS THURSDAY, October 19, from 6-8 PM at Books & Boards on Main Street, in Downtown Columbus.

Creating characters can be overwhelming and tricky.

Join local D&D experts Jeremy Hammack and Joss Hevel to learn how to make sense of it all!


Game Session Info and more for Sept 2 2017

All sessions: 10AM to 3:30PM  — We start character creation, hanging around, asking questions, etc at 10, and try to get rolling for 11.

This Saturday, Sept 2 – LIBRARY game (small room in back)

Saturday the 16th – library game (big meeting room)

NEW PLAYERS:  Stats are : roll 4d6, drop lowest die, arrange as you see fit (if the scores come out unacceptably low, throw out the old rolls and reroll them ALL, not just the bad ones) — OR — use orcpub.com and set up a 27 point-buy — OR — use Standard Array (see PHB)

Oct/Nov/Dec: We’ve booked the room through the end of the year at the library; I need to go to the church to confirm them for Oct~Dec.

The usual.

Bring snacks for yourself and/or to share. No access to ice either way, so bring some in a little cooler or just throw your Cokes in the freezer for an hour before you leave the house (remember to grab them!) if you want your drinks cold. People normally bring cookies, chips, maybe a dip, veggies, and the occasional mystery snack encountered on our real-life adventures. Anything you’d like to bring is fine.

1st Saturday of each month at the church (First Presbyterian/the “little church on the hill”), 3200 Bluecutt. NEXT TO the huge Baptist center at the North end of the hospital campus.  They ask for a $25 room fee; we ask that those who are of working age please chip in a few bucks when possible (any extra $ will get carried over to future sessions). Please note — We’re allowed to use their kitchen to store our food and such, but we need to use our own plates, utensils, cups, etc., and make sure we get everything we bring out of the fridge before we leave.

3rd Saturday of each month at the Columbus-Lowndes Library, upstairs in the big meeting room. This is free. Bring plates, utensils, cups, etc. because they don’t have any to share 😉 No fridge available, either.

Either way — We try to have the room cleaned up and in “as we found it” condition by around 3:30

Other stuff: Free parties at our place.

Saturday the 23rd – Columbus Burger Brawl cookout/contest at my place (one block north of the library). All are welcome, including kids and pets (on leashes for the latter)! 2pm start, judging around 5, we plan to have the games on until 9 or 10ish. If interested in competing (as part of a burger cooking team) or judging, please leave a message below.

Some Saturday in October (21st maybe) – OktoBEERfest, my place – starting around dusk. All are welcome, as long as yer over 21, for obvious reasons.

Both parties will have other food to eat, via our cooking, and the usual potluck stuff. Donations will be accepted for charities TBA

Character Ability Scores/Stats

You can either use a 27 point-buy system, or roll your stats up in the presence of any of our GM’s (generally, roll 4d6, reroll 1’s, drop lowest, assign as you wish). Or, do both, and choose whichever outcome you prefer. To access an automated point-buy system, click here. Just pick your race and start assigning stats; you can safely ignore the rest (write them all down when you’re done).

Note that this system will not allow any stat to drop below 8, nor to exceed 15; your racial bonuses will increase both the minimum and maximum scores (e.g., Humans get +1 to all stats, so they have a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 16 on all stats). For those looking to create a character of extremes, 27 points is just enough to get you three 15’s and three 8’s in your stats, not including racial bonuses.

Character Creation

Character Creation

As a player, you’ll need a character.  Start by looking up information on races and classes.  There are no restrictions for which races can be which classes, though some races and subraces suit certain classes better.  Consult the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Player’s Handbook for complete explanations.  Remember if character creation is overwhelming that there are Premade Characters (PDF) available.

Excellent Character Creation Website  (Blog with detailed text explanation of each item)
Helpful Video to Help with Character Creation (Warning, 32 minutes long)

official character sheets here

MPMB character sheet generator (Eric owned)

E-mail Eric your stats or, better, yet, get with him on Facebook (our group page is a great way to do this) to either message him your stats or have him walk you through character creation. He’ll create a sheet for you as you go, as well as updating them after every session if you send him updates promptly. You may also opt to buy your own copy and do it on your own – whichever you prefer. If you don’t have time (or access to FB), or prefer to do it in person, we usually have at least one GM at our meetings for 10AM (an hour early) in order to help people create their characters, and to answer any questions you may have.