Dawnreach Campaign 4 (Joss): Talos’s Thunder Pt. 1

A paladin, cleric, sorcerer, and fighter journey to recover Aldatrude’s body.  The adventurers set out from Limaniport on the medium class ship Talos’s Thunder.  With Joveen the Half-Orc at the helm, the adventurer’s drank whiskey, ate lunch, and strolled around the main and cargo decks.  They met some travelers, including a half elf archaeologist named Finneas who warned them of the dangers in the nothern caverns.  Trouble threatened the ship – pirates abound in the open seas!  There were many pirates, but the adventurers defended the vessel with a slew of spells and thrown weapons.  After the battle, the seas grew choppier, and seasickness plagued our heroes.  Once the waters calmed, the adventurers encountered Thornwhip Crimshaw the dwarven fighter, Kylie Shroeder the human barbarian, a bartender named Bim who is constantly cleaning glasses, a noble couple, and the (Swiss?) family Robinson.  A thief is suspected to be on board – currently an Anderson Crude is the main suspect.  The adventurers – and a rather mighty minotaur 2nd mate – are looking to interrogate MISTER ANDERSON . . . if they can find him.

Loot so far:  an ugly purse, a scroll of identify

Next session . . . the journey at sea continues to the northern caverns in the hopes of finding Aldatrude’s body.


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