Dawnreach Campaign 3 (Joss): War in Rau’keel

While the other party went to investigate the seal at the keep, Timber, Raziel, Cluster, Sorin, and Mara returned to Rau’keel to journey back to the cultist compound and investigate the seal there.  However, when they arrived at Rau’keel, they found war.  After making their way to the front lines, they managed keeps, attacked ballistas and siege towers, and held the front line against orcs, goblins, elves, drow, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, and other various races pushing on Rau’keel’s once isolated city.  The group strategized, using the skills of Phil the Bronze Dragon and Charity the Blue Dragon to help eventually destroy the ballista that maintained a bank of fog on the central battlefield.  After uncovering the long dragonborn responsible for casting the anti-magic shield on the drawbridge, Mara used her serpentine staff against the dragonborn for an insta-kill . . . but the instakill, rather than defending a glorious bazaar city in the desert, revealed their true location to be in the keep with their fellow guildmates.  The battle at Rau’keel was all an illusion, set upon them by the powers of illusion that surrounded the keep, where they then found themselves in cages.


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