Dawnreach Campaign 2 (Joss): Cult

The adventurers were just about to view the resurrection of Aldatrude when an intruder stormed the guild and stole Aldatrude’s body.  The intruder teleported in to his spear, threw the spear out, teleported out, and sealed the temple entrance in what seemed like an instant.  As Milo and Lucyinil cried out helplessly for the return of their beloved sister and friend, Drayva Mountaingem, a grand master in the Order of the Dawn, teleported the lot of adventurers out to the caverns surrounding a far away town of Rau’keel.  There, Drayva explained that a similar intruder was seen there, where there next quest would take place, and that couldn’t be a coincidence.  The guild was to kill a cult that resided in a compound in the cavernside.  While wiping out the cult, the adventurers had to avoid killing a spy who was there on behalf of the Order of the Dawn.

The group of nine stormed the compound, leaving a bloody mess of guards, yuan-ti, cultists, and cult fanatics in their wake.  While annihilating the cult and cult leader, the party also saved a gnome illusionist named Ro and brought back a sacrificial elf on the verge of death (grumble grumble).  They pillaged a storage room, saved Otis Whitebeard (the Order of Dawn spy), found a chest of goodies, oh – and did I mention set fire to the whole damn place?  Had they not IMMEDIATELY KILLED the cultist leader, they may have noticed (as was mentioned in the diary) that something had enhanced the power of the cult leader, much like the necromancer in the crypt was far more powerful than he should be.  In the end, the group discovered that it was the cult’s patronus, Angeline the naga, who commisioned the mass murder of her own cult.  Why?  The cult leader, set on killing a black dragon, had gotten too big for his britches in breaking perhaps the only cult rule – don’t kill creatures – only humanoids.


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