Dawnreach Campaign (Joss): Coffins

Dawnreach Campaign 1:  Coffins

The campaign so far:  The adventurers helped Allistair Polmonetti, the local joiner, solve a problem.  Coffins were stolen from his shop, and more recently, blood and chunks of flesh were found in a returned coffin.  The adventurers discovered that a necromancer was stealing coffins to use as a component in casting clone – a spell that should have been far above the necromancer’s spell abilities.  During the adventure, the players encountered a high level halfling ranger named Milo Kettleknight, whose sister, Aldatrude Kettleknight, was taken by the necromancer.  Unfortunately Aldatrude was found among the dead in the crypt.  Perhaps in the future, the adventurers could ressurrect the young halfing . . .


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