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D&D Printout:  Overview
Geek Dayton Reference Sheet

Rules Overview
d20 Rules Overview

D&D Etiquette
Reddit D&D Etiquette Discussion


Character Sheets
Official Character Sheets

Character Sheet Explanation
Old Dungeon Master Website Text Explanation 
YouTube Video on 5th e Character Creation (32 Min Long)

Races Chart

Spell Casting Explanation!
Spell Casting Info
Spell Cards

Character Generator
Orc Pub D&D Generator

Premade Characters
Dungeon Master’s Premade Character Library (Variety of Levels)
Wizards.com Level 1 Premade Characters (Level 1)

Name Generator (DM & Players)
Fantasy Name Generator

Note:  I wouldn’t put too much faith in how much this coincides with D&D and the other realms listed, but it can help if you’re not in a creative mood.

Alignment from Easy Damus

Final Fantasy D&D Classes
Homebrew Final Fantasy Classes