Dawnreach City Info

Population – heavily varied. The city itself is a melting pot of races—most having come to be adventurers. Uncommon races are present and known, but in the surrounding farming/livestock villages, they are less familiar with these characters or misinformed. Some are welcoming and tolerant, but not everyone.

Geography – It is roughly a month until the winter solstice; the harvesting season is over and the trading-routes have slowed down. The climate is typically mild to cold through this part of the year. Dawnreach sits at the center of a large basin with a few hills leading up the mountains to the South. The nearest large city is Alstead, being at least a few days journey to the North through a forest (major trade route). The mountains to the West of Dawnreach parallel the Shallow Sea to the East of Dawnreach. There are a few passes through the mountains to barbarian tribal land on the West, but the paths are mostly winding, labyrinthine, and scarcely patrolled. The mountain passes are infamous for the amount of travelers who are never heard from again.

Economics – the Order of Dawn has a monopoly on magic items—all adventurers are required to sell any magic items found on missions within the guild itself. Outside of that, various crops are the main export. Spices, wheat, etc. There is a decent amount of goat livestock. Gems and metals from the mountains have a small but very much present market in Dawnreach as well.

Military – well-funded but undermanned (mostly land-owning lords and their sons).

Religion – no state religion. There are various chapels that have been established throughout the years by more prominent guild members. The chapel to Lathander is the oldest/largest.

Government – the ruler of the duchy, Dawnreach is Duke Thadam Eoraln. He is well liked but rarely seen—there are ENDLESS rumors and gossip about him. He is immediately advised by

Magisters—each is tied to a specific function, some being more permanent such as the Magister of Coin, Magister of Defense, etc., but some are tied to specific events, Magister of Festivals. Magisters elect other Magisters, creating the positions as needed, though they need the Duke’s final approval to be official.

Order of Dawn – Delylia Tyr’Loraleth is the guild master, 3rd ever for the Adventuring Guild. It originally started as a way to publicly hire mercenaries during a minor war with a few tribes that had crossed the mountains from the West. During the following time of peace, the guild restructured itself to recovering artifacts which eventually evolved into adventuring altogether. The guild openly accepts people from all walks of life. As members complete jobs for the Order of Dawn, they are able to rise in ranks. Each rank has its own insignia (a badge of sorts) and colors (to publicly signify rank). Recruit is the lowest rank, represented by the color White. This is followed by Greenhorn, represented by Yellow. Then Journeyman, Green. Then Master, Blue. The Grand Master, Red. TheGuild Master is selected from the current Grand Masters and is given the color Black.


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