RSVP – Re: April 1 Session

RSVP Requested:

Next meeting is this Saturday at the Church (please bring a couple bucks each to help defray the cost; if you need to choose between money and snacks — bring money. Nobody will hold it against you if you don’t bring food, or only bring food for yourself). We just realized that Catfish in the Alley is happening the same day (10-6, we meet 10-3ish).

Soooo….If anyone is NOT planning to come to D&D (for that reason or any other), please let us know in here or on FB. If we know almost nobody’s gonna show up, we’ll just cancel for this week and meet in two weeks at the Library per our normal schedule.



PS Please spread the word to any players you know who aren’t on the FB group or on here.

Post Game Day

Greetings D&Ders

First, a big thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday.  We had a great time, and it’s always nice to see some new faces.

Second, we’re trying to compile a list of contact info for our members.  We collected a few e-mail addresses at the game, but some were difficult to read.  If you could, please let us know your e-mail address.  You can e-mail it to us at (be sure to include your name) or message a DM on Facebook.  These WILL NOT be posted publicly.  We’re keeping them on hand for DMs only.

Finally, quick reminder that the next game is April 1st at the First Presbyterian Church @ 3200 Bluecutt.


Tower of Power campaign (Dawnreach, Jeremy) – March 18, 2017

As the Adventurers continue through the tower toward the “Great Archive” in the Seeker’s Tower…. Timber, Elderoc, and Blaze are separated from Mara and Xerxes as the tower shifts itself! Two separate adventurers, each with their own agenda, happened to drop in with Mara and Xerxes. Shortly after, the newcomers Finn and Zenobia join the adventurers on their quest, unsure of their goal and Mara’s sanity.
As they press forward, Mara begins to have visions–visions of desolation and visions of her dear friend Lucy. These visions even begin to alter her spells, sometimes unleashing pure arcane power, sometimes giving her complete arcane insight briefly.
The modrons of the tower prove to be little obstacle as the adventurers break the lock keeping them from climbing to the next level of the tower. It is on the next level, the party finds the bodies of recently slain throughout “penance chambers” and what seems to be the “residential” level of the tower.
After finding a secret area where the Seekers’ leaders could spy on their subordinates, they found various magical items including a special “archmage” robe and weapon-infusing gems. Xerxes found a confiscated journal detailing a Seeker’s practicing their signature cipher, as well as insight as to what the “Trials” could be.

Next time! Mara’s last stand! Will the adventurers reach the Great Archive? Will they meet back up with their party?? What will they find lurking in the tower???

~ xoxo ~


Dawnreach Campaign 5 (Joss): Talos’s Thunder Part 2

The voyage to the northern caverns continued.  Sorin, Marcus, and Lotharn discovered the halfling thief, Anderson Crude, and roughed him up in the cargo deck.  The minotaur second mate threw the roguish coward into the open ocean.  But the damage had been done.  Passengers on board already blamed Joveen (Talos’s Thunder’s captain) for letting the vagrant aboard.  Mutiny struck the ship, with Kylie Shroeder, Thornwhip, and the blackjack dealer on one side, and Joveen and her first mate on the other.  Our adventurers helped tip the favor and maintain Joveen’s control of the ship, but not before Joveen was injured.  Sorin, Marcus, and Lotharn are now in charge of navigating the waters.  The group battled a pair of Merrow as they continued north east to their destination.

Will the adventurer’s successfully navigate the waters?  Will weather threaten their voyage?  Will more dangers of the deep attack the ship?  Will they EVER FREAKING MAKE IT TO THE CAVERNS?  Find out next time – March 18th, 2017 at the library.